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“We solemnly pledge to do our best to keep the Shinhan promise: to walk side by side with our customers towards a better tomorrow where all of us share and enjoy happiness together.”

Dear valued customers,


Shinhan Bank Canada will be celebrating a very critical milestone soon. In March 2019, we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Canada.
Our doors opened in March 2009 and since that day we have been privileged to serve our communities. We have continued to grow our presence, with branches in North York, Mississauga, Thornhill and Vancouver.


As at October 31st, 2018, Shinhan Bank Canada increased its paid-in capital to $80 million and accumulated approximately $730 million in assets. These results point to the strength of our products, a strong growth strategy and, most importantly, to the clarity of our Bank’s purpose.
Shinhan Bank Korea (our parent bank) has been globally recognized for its exceptional services and competitiveness. It was ranked No. 58 among 500 global banking brands by “The Banker” in February 2017, and was ranked No. 40 in the World Economic Forum (Davos 2017) for sustainability. Also, Shinhan Bank is still growing globally and has 150 networks in 20 countries as of 2017.


Thank you for your continued support. We are constantly looking for ways to service our valued customers – through our products, through our services and through our talented people.
Each and every employee of our Bank solemnly pledges to do their best to keep the Shinhan promise: to walk side by side with our customers towards a better tomorrow where all of us share and enjoy happiness together.
Thank you for choosing Shinhan Bank Canada. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

President & CEO
Shinhan Bank Canada

Corporate Profile


Corporate Profile


Our pledges to social responsibility

Shinhan Bank Canada, as a member of our society, will respect the social value and comply with national policies and laws. Taking the initiative to establish a sound financial order, Shinhan Bank Canada will do its best to achieve the better national economy and the development of society.

At Shinhan Bank Canada, we believe that our primary responsibility is to serve our clients with honesty, integrity, professionalism, and accountability. We will uphold our jobs as bankers to perform these services with utmost care.  We also take our responsibilities to our communities very seriously, particularly at following activities:


At social activities

As a member of the community, we will participate in various social and cultural activities for the development of the society. We also fully support our employees to discharge their rights and obligations as a corporate citizen.

At environmental protection activities

As a member of the community, for the preservation of our land we live on, we will actively participate in and support a variety of programs to protect the environment the best way we can.