Managing your accounts

Advance Cash Order

Customers can withdraw up to $3,000 in cash at a branch location without ordering in advance when a branch is open for business.

For large cash withdrawals exceeding $3,000, you must provide your branch with 3 days notice.




CAD Dollar



U.S. Dollar




Advance Cash Order Fee


$1.90 Per $1,000


$0.15 per 1 Roll

Cheque Orders

Order Business cheques online!

If you already have an account with us and wish to order cheques, you can

  • Visit your local Shinhan Bank branch and place an order with our customer representatives
  • Order on Shinhan online banking
  • Order online or Call to place an order with Davis & Henderson*

If this is your first order or your name or address has changed since you last ordered cheques, please visit your branch.


*To order from Davis & Henderson directly, you will need the following information:

Institution Number Shinhan Bank Canada


Branch Number North York Main Branch


Mississauga Branch


Thornhill Branch


Account Number Begins with 7

Direct Deposit

It is easy and convenient to arrange and give immediate access to your money.


Enroll Direct Deposit of Government cheques (such as GST/HST credit, income tax refund) and get your money faster.


Available immediately once it is deposited

Save Time (No Branch visit is necessary)

Worry free (Prevent lost cheques)

To make an arrangement for Direct Deposit with Government please visit or call 1-800-OCANADA (688-6898)

Safety Deposit Boxes

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the security and privacy of a safety deposit box.


  • Easy and accessible
  • Low annual fee
  • Various sizes

Safety deposit boxes are fire-proof metal boxes secured in the vault at Shinhan Bank Canada’s Main Branch branch. Shinhan Bank Canada takes the security and privacy of its customers very seriously, as even staff representatives are not able to open or know the contents of your safety deposit box. Only you, and if you so designate, another trusted individual selected by you, can open it.

Protect what can’t be replaced

Important documents

Jewellery and other valuables

Any other valuables that maybe important to you and cannot be replaced

Safety Deposit Box Rental Request

Please visit Main Branch with 2 identifications. +

This services is only for Shinhan Bank Canada customers

Safety Deposit Box Location

Main Branch ( North York)

Box Size

Annual Fee (As of March 2014)

3″ x 10.375″ x 24″


5″x 10.375″ x 24″


* Prices do not include HST

※Please contact Main Branch for availability of Safety Deposit Box.
Main Branch

Night Depository

Night Depository Service is deposit facility using locked pouches/secure recyclable plastic bags placed in the branch’s secure night depository vault for retrieval the next business day processing.


Possible reduction of insurance costs and theft as the service eliminates the need for cash to be kept overnight on company premises.

Avoid unnecessary trips to the bank during your business hours.


*For more detailed information please click top right inquiry button or visit one of our branches.