Payments and Transfers

Bank to Bank Transfer Services

An easy and convenient way to transfer money between accounts with other Canadian banks.

Shinhan Bank Canada offers a funds transfer service between Shinhan and other local Canadian Banks. After signing up at your local branch, you can make bank to bank transfers using Internet and Mobile Banking as well as at any branch location.


Transfers can be made using CAD/ USD and wire transfer fees and cable charges may apply (Fees will be charged in the same currency as the transfer currency).


You will need the following information:


Bank name

Transit/Branch number

Account number

Account holder name

Account holder address

Account holder phone number




Phone Number

Bill Payments

Pay your bills quickly and conveniently with Shinhan Bank using our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services! You can also pay bills by visiting a branch.

You can pay your bills using

Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Visiting your branch

Benefits to paying bills using Internet and Mobile Banking include

Making payments anytime, anywhere

Ability to register frequently used payees

Pre-registering payments to make sure that bills are paid on time

Automatic bill payment services using EFTs for regular periodic bills

* Please visit our Shinhan Online Banking website for details.

Make large cash transfer at once!
Remember Shinhan e-Commerce Bulk EFT Transfer Service!

An automatic large fund transfer service for the business customers who make frequent large fund


The business customers who make frequent transactions such as price settlement with other bank or businesses make large fund transfers can get the benefit from this convenient e-Commerce Bulk EFT Transfer Service.


e-commerce Bulk EFT/EDI Transfer Service is designed to customize various approval lines to suit your business transaction approval process.


*For more detailed information please click top right inquiry button or visit one of our branches.

Pre-Authorized Payments

Never miss another bill payment! Use pre-authorized payments to make payments on a regular basis automatically.

To sign up for our pre-authorized payment services, simply visit your local Shinhan Bank Canada branch and complete a Pre-Authorized Payment form for each payee [billing company].

Next, submit the following information to each payee’s financial institution:

Institution (Bank) Number

Transit (Branch) Number

Account Number

Finally, contact your billing company and follow the instructions they provide.

Sweep Account Service

Write cheques and transfer funds electronically without worrying about bouncing cheques and incurring Not Sufficient Funds fees!

Visit us at any of our branch locations to sign up for this service today!

What is Sweep Account Service?

When you sign up for sweep account services, we will automatically use funds from a separate designated Shinhan account to cover any incidents of insufficient funds when issuing a personal cheque or transferring funds electronically to prevent you from being charged for not having sufficient funds in your account.


To better understand how sweep account services work, please read the following example.


Customer A issues a cheque for $300.00.


Balance BEFORE Issuing the Cheque
Chequing Account $100.00
Savings Account $500.00

Without Sweep Account Service, if Customer A issued a cheque for $300.00, the cheque would bounce and Customer A would be charged a Not Sufficient Funds fee as a result of a $200.00 shortfall ($300.00 – $100.00 in the Chequing account = $200.00).


If Customer A signs up for Sweep Account Services, $200.00 from Customer A’s Savings account would be automatically transferred to the chequing account to cover the missing funds.  As a result, Customer A’s cheque would not bounce and would not incur any Not Sufficient Funds fees.

Balance BEFORE Issuing the Cheque
Chequing Account $0.00
Savings Account $300.00

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