Chequing Account Plan

Choose right business plan for you operating account and get cost effective benefit right away!


  • Four low-cost fee account plan option
  • Up to 150 account transactions
  • Cash Deposited from $5,000 to $10,000
  • Items deposited from 10 to 50

Rates & Fees

Monthly Fee


Cash Premium




Account transactions +

Per transaction





Cash Deposited





Item Deposited





Self /Full Service Fee++


(Fee exempt: Daily balance over $10,000)

(Fee exempt: Daily balance over $20,000)

(Fee exempt: Daily balance over $40,000)


+ Transaction fees may apply for exceed transactions set by chosen plan.
++Self & full service: In branch withdrawals/ deposit, Night depository deposits, online/mobile banking transactions, ATM transactions, Interac/cheque/ fund transfer, direct/pre-authorized payments.

Features & Benefits

  • Reasonable fee on over exceeding transactions on cash deposits and others
  • Complimentary online/mobile banking service
  • E-commerce transfer service
  • Complimentary bill payment services

To open your Business Accounts, you may need the following documents

  • Article of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, or Master Business License
  • Banking Resolution
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) for Corporation, T2 (reported to CRA), Audited Financial Statement, etc.

Customer Service Benefits (Limited to the account holders)

  • Save monthly fees with a various Account Services.
  • Make deposits fast and convenient by visiting our Shinhan Bank Canada branch and using the Night Depository.
  • Set up Point-of-Sale (POS)terminals and receive payments by either debit or credit card transactions from your customers. (Merchant Services)
  • Open Overdraft or Line of credit accounts to be ready for any unexpected expenses.
  • Your account(s) transactions are available through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking for free of charge, at any time, and at anywhere!
  • You can pay business taxes (HST, Payroll Tax, and Corporate Tax) without charge at the branch.
  • No more worries about having not enough balance in your account! Apply for the Sweep Account Service in advance to make auto transfers from your other account to your account with insufficient fund.
  • CDIC Eligible (CAD only)