Loan Solution

Personal Loan


  • Purchase a car
  • Renovate a house
  • Educational fee for child
  • Marriage cost
  • Loan consolidation *
  • Other personal uses

Collateral type : Shinhan Bank Canada Deposit Account, Credit

Interest rate :  Variable rate

* Consolidation Loan: If you have multiple loans in other bank, you can consolidate into one simple Shinhan Smart Loan with possibly lower interest rate.

Stand-by Letter of Credit

Purpose : personal and business fund

Amount limit : If Stand-by Letter of Credit’s currency is not in Canadian dollar, up to 90% of collateral value can be borrowed.

Collateral : Stand-by Letter of Credit issued by Shinhan Bank Korea, secured by property or deposit in Korea

Line of Credit/Overdraft

Purpose : Personal use

Feature : You can utilize fund by borrowing and repaying within approved credit limit amount.

Amount limit : Depends on income and credit score (If loan has property as collateral, up to 65% of property value can be borrowed.)

Interest rate : Please refer to interest rate in loan product table (link)

Term : 1 year (5 years if secured by property)


Purpose : Purchase RRSP(Registered Retirement Savings Plan) (Go to RRSP link)

Amount limit : Same as RRSP purchase limit
(Limit can be checked in last year’s Notice of Assessment issued from CRA)

Interest rate : RRSP deposit account interest rate + 1.0%

Term : Same as RRSP deposit account maturity date
(example: 3 year RRSP term deposit = 36 months amortization)

Collateral : RRSP term deposit account


방문 및 대출 신청 (구비 서류)

본인 (차주) 확인

  • 운전 면허증
  • 여권 또는 사회보장 카드 (SIN Card)

소득 확인

  • 사업소득자 이신 경우
    - 비지니스 등록증 등
    - 소득 입증 서류 (T4 Slip, Notice of Assessment, 재무제표 등)
  • 급여 소득자 이신 경우
    - 재직증명서, Notice of Assessment, 최근 급여 명세표 (Pay Stub)등

상품별 대출 진행 시 필요한 서류

  • 매매 계약서
  • 다운페이(증빙서류 등)

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