Student Account

Start prepare your future with Shinhan Bank!
We have preferential student service just for you!


Up to 25 transaction for free!

Easy access to ATM for cash! Exchange Network!

As a member of exchange network you can access to over 100 ATMs in Ontario.

(HSBC, ING Direct and credit unions etc.)

If you see EXCHANGE log on other banks ATM, you are able to use them just

like Shinhan Bank ATM without additional fee. +

+(Depends on the package you sign up, this no fee service can limit your

transactions frequencies. In case you overused account package allowable

transactions, service fee can be charged to your account

Free Info. Alert Service!

Shinhan Smart Chip Debit Card provides increased protection against

lost, stolen or counterfeit card fraud. Shinhan Info. Alert Service

informs  you about day to day activities on your card use by cell

phone(SMS) or email for FREE

+this service is free but your mobile carrier may charge you depends on your

service agreement.

Free Internet/ mobile banking services!

365 days a year, 24 hours a day – access your account wherever and

whenever through the Internet. View your account balance, make

fund transfers, make bill payments, transfers, and also process

import and export business. Use Internet banking to se to your card

security status (report stolen/suspend/terminate)




Personal Cheques


Account Maintenance fee



Debit Card

Bank Book

Minimum balance Requirement



Monthly transaction

Up to 25 times

(Including Exchange Network transactions)

Interest payments


Deposit Insurance

CDIC Eligible (CAD only)

Account Eligibility Requirements

Customers over 13 years of age must be

  • Enrolled in school
  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or an international student living in Canada with a valid visa

Customers under 13 years of age cannot open an individual account by themselves and must open a joint account with a parent or guardian*.

  • *A POA Document is required for international students to open a joint account with a guardian

Required Documents for Account opening

Legal Identification

  • Driver’s license
  • Citizenship or permanent resident card
  • Passport
  • Social Insurance Number Card (SIN Card)

Proof of address; Utility bill, tax bill, phone bill, lease agreement or certificate of residence

※ Please bring more than one of each from the above 1 and 2 groups at the time of visiting branch to open an account. At least one being a photo ID (e.g. Passport) and one with a current personal address (e.g. Driver’s license)