Account Services

Set up Maturity Options for Your Deposits

If you would like to avoid the hassle of visiting a branch to renew your term deposit and installment deposits, consider setting up a maturity options for your deposits.


When you open a new term deposit or installment Deposit with us, you can request one of the following options to easily manage your account when the account term ends:

  • Roll over the account with the same product
  • Transfer the funds to a Free Installment Deposit
  • Deposit to the appointed account


If you choose one of the three options, we will contact you by telephone when your account term ends to confirm your previous selection on how to handle the account.

Pre-Authorized Contributions

Transfer money to your Shinhan Bank Canada installment savings accounts automatically by signing up for Pre-Authorized Contributions today!

What are Pre-Authorized Contributions?

Pre-authorized contributions are automatic funds transfers from your chequing and savings accounts with other banks to your account with Shinhan Bank Canada. Pre-authorized contributions are perfect for customers who want to invest in an installment savings plan with Shinhan using funds from accounts they have with other banks.


To sign up for this service, please visit your local branch with void cheque or the following information of your other bank account(s):
Institution Number
Transit Number
Account Number

TFSA Transfer from other Banks

Transfer your RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA accounts to Shinhan Bank Canada to invest in low-risk, high-interest savings plans today!

  • Open an RRSP account at Shinhan Bank Canada
  • Request a transfer from other bank. You will then be asked to fill out in a T2033 form.
*Your other bank may charge you RRP Transfer out fee,
For more information, please visit our branch and speak to one of our customer representatives.