Together, a better tomorrow

Committing to give differentiated customer value

Shinhan Bank Canada is a Federally Regulated Financial Institution which is wholly-owned subsidiary of Shinhan Bank Korea. Our doors opened in March 2009 and since that day we have been privileged to serve our communities. We have continued to grow our presence, with branches in North York, Mississauga, Thornhill and Coquitlam in British Columbia. Our ultimate goal is to help clients prosper through our expertise, create an environment where our people thrive and unlock their full career potential and enrich our communities.

Our Mission

"A Better World through the Power of Finance"

We strive to uphold a virtuous cycle of shared prosperity that will create greater value of our clients, Shinhan, and all of society. To this end, we seek new methods and new approaches so that we can deliver products and services and manage money in ways that keep pace with changes in the environment.

Our Core Value

Core values guide the thoughts and actions of all Shinhan members united under the idea of One Shinhan.


We maintain high ethical standards to build trust with our clients, and see things from their perspective to provide products and services that clients’ values.

Make every effort to increase client value as the clients’ companion for the future.
Build trust with clients by adhering to strict ethical standards and principles.

Provide products and services based on in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and their perspective.

Mutual Respect

We seek cooperation and openness in pursuit of shared prosperity for the Group and all members of society.
Pursue cooperation as a member of One Shinhan but with respect and consideration for the other’s
Form a broad and diverse network of stakeholders beyond financial businesses with emphasis on open communication.
Make judgments and take action to raise the value of Shinhan and society at large.


We initiate meaningful changes based on our insight into shifting trends so that we can respond swiftly and boldly with creative solutions.
Predict the direction and implication of changes from a broad and comprehensive standpoint.
Think outside the box to discover new solutions and implement new approaches.
Take bold and swift action to introduce meaningful changes without being afraid of failure.


We continue to challenge and educate ourselves to become the leading experts in our fields so that we can produce sustainable results.

Set challenging goals and follow through with specific plans and perseverance.

Strive to produce results that can be sustained over the long-term horizon.

Continue learning to gain the highest level of expertise and constantly explore new pursuits.


We practice the Shinhan WAY with pride, passion and sincerity as members of the Group and take the lead in fulfilling our responsibilities.

Set an example through actions based on a deep and sincere understanding of the Shinhan Way.
Take pride and satisfaction in doing good work as a member of Shinhan.
Harness one’s passion to inspire passion in others and take the initiative in fulfilling one’s responsibilities.

We have a clear understanding of and a sense of mission for our work, make our utmost effort and take responsibility for a result.

Our Social Responsibility

Shinhan Bank together with Society and the community

Its goal is to become the best and most loved bank that shares a vision of a better future with its customers by making changes, innovating, and setting new banking trends by challenging the limits of the banking industry, and creating and environment in which employees enjoy working in harmony and with pride.
Shinhan Bank will establish and exercise its strategy to realize the social responsibility management goals in accordance with its vision “Shinhan Bank opening Happy Future,” which is based on its management philosophy of “To benefit the world with banking power”.

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