Ways to Bank

Online / Mobile

Bank on your hand.
Convenient Bank anywhere, any time

Service Features

Easy and fast banking on your hand!

Real-time account management service

View your account balance and transaction details anytime and download or print e-statement of your account history including cheque images without any fee.

You can directly manage transfer limits, designated transferable accounts and wire transfer templates.

You can request a limit on transfer amount and debit account at the branch.

Shinhan ez-Transfer service

Transfer funds to other Shinhan Bank account holder in real-time.

Send money one time/recurring to any Canadian banks in a day or scheduled date.

Online loan repayment service

Repayment on your loan through online, view your repayment history and check your loan status.

Global wire transfer with competitive exchange rate and fee

Conveniently you can transfer funds to any country at anytime, anywhere by online banking. 

Choose Korean bank and send overseas wire transfer in Korean Won, and check your transfer status online.

Online bill payment service

Easily pay your bills online anywhere, set up and manage payments schedule for periodic bill payments.

Direct card incident reporting service

In case of lost/stolen of your debit card or suspicious transaction ocurred on your account, you can directly report and block further usage.

If you find your debit card or verify a transaction to be non-suspicious, you can reinstate your card and use it just like you did before.


More benefits of using online banking!

Special currency exchange rates on overseas wire transfer

Up to 75% special rates on USD, up to 50% special rates on KRW.

Transfer between USD, CAD and KRW at special rates

Transfers between your USD and CAD accounts are given preferred rate up to 50%.

Transfers between your CAD and KRW accounts are given preferred rate up to 25%.

Transfer services are done real-time.

Applied only during bank’s branch hours.


Safe! Secure transactions services for customer asset protection.

Online banking cybersecurity management

Under 24/7 automatic security monitoring and fraud control system, Shinhan online banking service provides prevention and protection features from initial access to all your transactions.

Verified secure tools for transaction

Automatically manage password changing period and analyze access pattern to protect against cyber-attack or hacking.
Anytime you initiate a transaction, it requires user’s security card number to confirm transaction is genuine.

[Promotion] Up to 30% prepayment privilege for residential mortgage borrowers who are paying interest only. Please contact your branch for more details.