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Money Transfer

It takes approximately one business day from the day you made a transfer from Shinhan Bank Korea, and two to three business days if the transfers are made from another bank in Korea.

You need the receiving party(beneficiary)’s information, which includes the beneficiary’s bank SWIFT code (or, name of the bank), address of the bank, beneficiary account number, name, telephone number, and address.

It is possible to check if funds were transferred on the day of the wire transfer assuming the transfer was completed before the cut-off time, which is 12 pm in Korean time zone. If not, it can be delayed by one business day. If it is urgent, it is recommended to make the transfer before the cut-off time in Korean time zone.

You may check availability of the funds either over the phone or by online banking. We recommend that you check via online banking as we are unable to provide additional details of the funds, such as fund amount, over the phone.

You may provide the following beneficiary information to the sender:

  • Bank Name: Shinhan Bank Canada
  • CC Code:  035508048 (North York Branch)
                      035508066 (Mississauga Branch)
                      035508083 (Thornhill Branch)
                      035508101 (Coquitlam Branch)
  • Your 12-digit Account No.
  • Your Account Full Name
  • Your Full Address associated with your account (must include Street Address, city, province & postal code)

Shinhan Real-Time remittance service offers the fastest wire transfer between Shinhan Bank Canada and Shinhan Bank Korea, which allows the transfer complete right next business day! You can transfer up to US$3,000 to Shinhan Bank Korea and transfer limitless amount to Shinhan Bank Canada from Korea as there is no dollar limit. Transfer between Shinhan accounts in Korea and Canada also offers great savings on remittance fees. For more information of the service, please contact our branch representative.

 Shinhan EZ Transfer service is perfect for money transfers (CAD & USD) anywhere in Canada.

Interac e-Transfer®

The Interac e-Transfer is sent within 30 minutes, regardless of whether Autodeposit is set up or not.
The minimum Interac e-Transfer transaction is $0.01, and the maximum transaction limit can be found below:
  • Up to $3,000 within 24 hours
  • Up to $10,000 within 7 days
  • Up to $20,000 within 30 days

To request money, you need the email address of whom you want to request money from, the amount, the deposit account you wish to receive the funds in, an invoice (optional), invoice number (optional), and message (optional).

The Interac e-Transfer Request Money is valid for up to thirty (30) days, unless the Requestor has cancelled the Interac e-Transfer before the Fulfiller claims the funds within the timeframe.
To cancel a transfer, log into Shinhan Bank Canada’s Online Banking. Go to “View Interac e-Transfer History” and select the Interac e-Transfer Transaction you wish to cancel. Use the cancel option provided. There may be an applicable cancellation fee.
Once the transfer is deposited into the Recipient’s account and the Transfer Status is marked as “COMPLETED”, the subject Interac e-Transfer cannot be reversed.
First, you can add/delete/edit at the “Manage Contact” section. To add, click on “Add Contact” at the bottom, and enter the following information such as name, email, mobile number(optional), and Interac e-Tranfer Question and Answer (if needed). After that, click on “Register”. Then, a pop-up will show up with “Information Added” with a reference number to confirm that you have added a new contact. Then, click on “Confirm”. To delete, click on “Delete” then click on “Yes” or “No”. To edit, click on “Edit” and then edit the information accordingly.
To register for Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit, log into your Shinhan Bank Canada Online or Mobile Banking and go to Manage Autodeposit. Once there, add the email address you want to set up the Autodeposit for, and select the account to deposit the received Interac e-Transfer in the future. Once you register, a pop-up will show up to confirm that the information is added along with a reference number. Click on “confirm” to remove the pop-up. Soon after, the Autodeposit designated email is registered and shows status as “Pending”. You will receive a request to verify registration from Interac Corp. If you complete the registration, the next time someone sends funds to the registered email; the money will be deposited directly into your account without the need to answer an Interac e-Transfer Question.

Yes. One (1) account can be designated for Autodeposit per email. A multiple emails can be registered for each deposit account, but only up to five (5) emails per account.

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