International Student GIC Program

Begin Your New Journey in Canada with Shinhan Bank!

About Our Program

We are here to Help You Get Your Study Permit Easier and Faster!

Are you a Vietnamese student planning to study in Canada? The SHBC International Student GIC Program can help you meet the study permit requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada faster — Through Shinhan Financial Group’s global network around the world, we offer one-day wire transfer and one-on-one financial consultation services in your home country! 


Our online application portal will open in November 2023 for eligible students living in Vietnam.


Download the SHBC International Student GIC Program Guide to find out more details.


Student Direct Stream(SDS) Program

The Government of Canada’s Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an expedited study permit processing program for those who are applying to study in Canada at a post-secondary Designated Learning Institution (DLI). One of the requirements of the SDS program is providing proof of having a Canadian Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $ 10,000 or more. We are here to help you with that.

Apply now to open a GIC in your home country, and move to Canada with confidence.

Before Your Arrival in Canada

① Online Application

  • Submit your application online (Open in November 2023).
  • Your SHBC Student Chequing Account will be opened within 1-3 business days upon approval of your application.

② International Wire Payment

  • Upon opening your account, you can send an international wire payment to your SHBC Student Chequing Account up to CAD 30,000.
  • For applicants in Vietnam: in terms of the available transfer methods, you have the option to send the fund either via Shinhan Bank Vietnam (SBVN) or other financial institutions in Vietnam.
  • if you choose to visit a SBVN branch to complete the wire transfer, you have the access to:
    ► One-day Global Transfer : To help you get your study permit faster, we offer a one-day global transfer service. SBVN-SHBC wire transfers only take ONE business day.
    ► 1:1 Financial Consultation : You will have access to one-on-one financial consultation services in your home country. Our financial advisors at designated branch locations in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi will assist you with your financial needs and proof of funds requirement.
    ► Free Wire Transfer : Transfer your funds FREE of remittance fees!

After Your Arrival in Canada

③ Account Activation

  • Upon arrival in Canada, you must visit one of SHBC branches to complete your identity verification process and activate your Accounts.
  • You can simply log into our Online Banking to book an appointment.
  • Upon activation, we will redeem CAD 2,000 plus accrued interest from your GIC and deposit it into your SHBC Student Chequing Account, and will initiate your monthly disbursements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Shinhan Bank Canada is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). Under the CDIC Act, deposits held in Canadian funds, payable in Canada, and with a term of no greater than 5 years are insurable.

Yes, you will receive interest on your investment as indicated in your GIC Confirmation of Investment document.

No, you can only make one wire payment up to CAD 30,000.


If you send us more than CAD 30,000, we may request additional documents to verify your source of funds. In case of insufficient evidence, your wire payment may be returned, which may result in additional fees and charges.

Yes, our financial experts are here in your home country to support you on your journey every step of the way!

You can visit our designated branch locations in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to access our special services including free, one-day global transfer and 1:1 financial consultation.

No, funds must be deposited from your own bank account in your home country (or, a joint account with your parents in your home country).

No, the GIC can only be set up with Canadian dollars.

All electronic communications with Shinhan Bank Canada must be through the Secure Email Service at


If you wish to speak to a financial advisor in your home country, you can visit one of the designated branch locations of Shinhan Bank Vietnam.