Ways to Bank

Debit Card

Bank with confidence by using Shinhan Debit Card with fraud protection and security.

Service Features

Faster and Secure Access to Your Money with Shinhan Debit Card

  • Easily withdraw or deposit cash to your account from the nearest ATM
  • Contact using PIN or Contactless Payment
  • Express authentification for your transaction in branch
  • Real-time transaction alert service to your phone or email
    * This service is free, but your mobile carrier may charge you depending on your service agreement
  • Report lost or stolen debit card anywhere anytime through online banking
    * Instantly block your card after reporting, and unblock it after verification in branch

Available Networks


in Canada

  • Make a purchase (POS – Point of Sale) or withdrawal from ATM directly from your bank account using Shinhan Debit Card
  • Interac Flash® allows you to pay for everyday purchases quick and secure up to $100 per purchase

The Exchange®

in Canada

  • As Shinhan Bank, a member of The Exchange® you can access to over 10,000 ATMs in Canada
  • You are able to use them just like Shinhan Bank ATM without additional fee*

* Depending on your package, the number of free transactions may vary.

Service fee will be charged after exceeding the free transactions allowed in your package.


in Worldwide & Accel®

in US

When travelling in United States, Korea or any destination, get immediate, secure and real-time access to your money by using your Shinhan Debit Card for purchases and cash withdrawal, just like you do in Canada.

  • Make a purchase directly from your bank account using your Debit Card and PIN, wherever you see the Cirrus® and Accel® logo
  • Before travelling, make sure your Shinhan Debit Card is set up for international use by visiting your branch*

* Outside Canada ATMs fees are subject to any convenience fee charged by other bank.

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