Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Calculator

Mortgage Prepayment Penalty Calculator

What will your prepayment penalty be?

If you have an open mortgage, you are not subject to any parepayment penalty.
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Prepayment Simulation

*You are entitled to prepayment privillege of up to 10% of current balance once every anniversary year. If you already made a prepayment in this anniversary year, please select 0%
The Estimated Mortgage Prepayment Penalty is :


This calculator is intended for general reference purpose only. If you would like us to provide more precise amount of your prepayment penalty, please visit our branch or contact us.
Please note that additional fee(s) (i.e., payoff fee) may be charged when making full repayment of your mortgage.

[Promotion] Up to 30% prepayment privilege for residential mortgage borrowers who are paying interest only. Please contact your branch for more details.