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Yes. You have access to all ATMs nationwide, including Exchange Network (Ex. HSBC, National Bank, Credit Union, etc.).  Service fees are waived for making transactions through Exchange Network for package holders and may apply for non-package holders. Click here to find available ATMS.

By opening a Chequing account, you have access to use personal cheques. It is a non-interest bearing account and subject to monthly maintenance charges. Savings account does not give you the chequing option, however, applies interest on your savings in the account.  Service fees may be exempted for account package holders. Please contact our branch representative for more information.

For service fees and account charges, please click here for personal account, and click here for business account.

If you need a proof of your account, you can request for the Certificate or Proof of Account Balance (Account Statement). Service charge may apply.

Shinhan Bank Canada offers variety of account packages in which you can save fees for many banking services, including unlimited transactions. To check more information about Shinhan account packages, please click here for personal account and click here for business account.

You can either visit or set up a pre-authorized debit(PAD) by providing our branch with a void cheque, then the monthly deposit is automatically made to your installment account every month.

You can set up any type of account at Shinhan Bank Canada as long as you have a valid photo ID, proof of your VISA, and other required documents. Shinhan Bank Canada offers special service package for foreign workers, Work Permit Holder Package, in which you can enjoy great savings on banking services during your work permitted period. Click here or contact our branch service representatives for more information.

International students and their parents can open accounts, such as installment and term deposit accounts, and GICs at Shinhan Bank Canada. Furthermore, the Bank offers special service package for international students and their parents with great savings on banking service during student permitted period. Please visit our website or contact our branch service representative for more information.

Shinhan Newcomer Package is available for any newcomer who has landed in Canada within the past five years from today and wish to open an account at Shinhan Bank Canada. The package benefits are valid for one year after the account is opened.

Shinhan Bank Canada offers business customers with Firm Banking Service, in which you can set up various options for payments, such as multiple line of approvers, automatic recurring transfer & pre-authorized debits. Please contact our branch representative for more information.


You can request to unlock by visiting or calling our branch office.

If your cards contain symbols of MasterCard, Cirrus or Interac, your cards are accepted at Shinhan Bank Canada ATM’s and other Exchange Network ATM’s nationwide.

Please immediately call Toll Free at 1-855-SHINHAN (744-6426) or visit your nearest branch to report a lost or stolen debit card. You can also report through online banking under “Manage Security”. Please bring your photo ID to replace a debit card at branch.

You can leave it to us! We can manage your post-dated cheques, and the cheques will be correctly deposited into your account automatically. Post-dated cheque service is available to all Shinhan Bank Canada customers. Please visit your local branch with the post-dated cheques to apply for the service.

You can keep your valuables secured in Shinhan Bank safe deposit box, which allows secured access only to you during business hours. The service is available at our main branch in North York and Coquitlam branch in Vancouver.

Shinhan Bank Canada provides the credit card service, partnered with Desjardins credit card, even if you are unemployed or have no credit history. If you plan to live in Canada for one year or longer, you can easily apply for the credit card service after opening a term deposit account at Shinhan Bank Canada.

Shinhan Bank Canada provides pre-opening account service through Shinhan Bank Korea for customers who plan to move to Canada from Korea for good.

[Promotion] Up to 30% prepayment privilege for residential mortgage borrowers who are paying interest only. Please contact your branch for more details.